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Welcome to Plan-It Eboni

Your destination for inclusive personality-based

learning and development experiences.

We recognize that introverts and extraverts work, interact, and learn differently. That’s why understanding and accommodating personality traits are at the core of what we do.

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Founder | Chief Strategy Officer

"If you want to cultivate a work culture that fosters employee satisfaction and productivity, prioritize personality."

-Eboni W. Henderson

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Authentic Leadership Coaching  |  L&D Strategic Planning  |  MBTI Personality Type Workshops 

Psychological Safety Training & Coaching

Personality first...

At Plan-It Eboni, everything starts with personality. 

Why? Because everyone has one, but it is often overlooked and rarely taken into consideration.

Our coaching and training services are person-centered and applies an inside/out

approach to development.


Regarded as the most well known personality assessment in the world, "the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is used by more than 88% of Fortune 500 companies in 115 countries." This assessment is used by individuals, teams, and organizations to improve self-awareness, work performance, and interpersonal skills while emphasizing the importance of appreciating differences. 

Taking the MBTI® is not just about identifying your strengths and blind spots... 


Our executive coaching services use the Myers-Briggs personality type framework together with psychological safety practices to help c-suite leaders (and aspiring leaders) overcome imposter syndrome and personal-professional barriers so they can lead confidently and competently.

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Plan-It Eboni is pleased to offer personality-based Learning & Development (L&D) strategic planning services. This form of planning is focused on developing a model for fostering employee personal-professional growth strategies so your organization can function more efficiently. 

This is achieved using 3 steps:

  1. Assess:  Utilize a personality assessment to understand individual and team personality type, traits, and behaviors. Results are used to determine how personality informs decision making and work styles.

  2. Audit:  Review organizational structure and practices--along with past and current approaches to people and program development. Review work culture. 

  3. Plan:  Provide recommendation. Co-create a plan of action customized to enhance employee performance and achieve organizational goals 

*Optional Add-on 

Implementation:  We will provide project management support and coaching experiences to assist with implementing L&D initiatives.


Teams and organizations that demonstrate high psychological safety work in environments that reward vulnerability. These environments allow people to feel:

  • Included 

  • Safe to learn 

  • Safe to contribute 

  • Safe to challenge the status quo 

When this happens, employees work more authentically and productively--often helping their employers meet or surpass organizational goals.

If you are interested in boosting psychological safety in your organization, contact us today!

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Eboni is a positive force for excellence! As a coach, she listens with a purpose and is fully present. I LOVED doing Myers-Briggs with Eboni because she was patient and thorough which enabled me to deepen my understanding of myself as well as others. My ability to connect with others increased as I can more easily spot various MBTI in people, therefore, adjusting to meet them where they’re at quicker.

Bose' Akadiri, Goal Coach

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