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TED Circles Takeaways

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Optimism | October 21, 2021

This month, we watched, "The Optimism Bias".

Studies have shown that most people tend to have an unrealistically positive outlook regarding their own circumstances (but not their peers)--even when presented with statistics or evidence that things may not play out in their favor. This optimism bias can be detrimental over time, as repeated disappointment and setbacks can lead to depression. This is especially prevalent amongst middle-aged adults. Fortunately, the TED Talk facilitator offered practical tips for avoiding or overcoming optimism bias.

Here are the major takeaways from participants:

  • Optimism changes objective reality - it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Optimism and resilience co-exist.

  • Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

  • Optimism changes our objectives of reality, so it's important to stay the course, but surround yourself with like-minded positive individuals and hope for the best.

  • People need to feel a sense of agency to make more thoughtful decisions and avoid defaulting to optimism when faced with a sad or scary decision.

  • Friends and family can reframe the way they encourage so that they acknowledge sadness, disappointment, and negativity while also offering support and reassurance.

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Imagination | September 16, 2021

This month, we watched, "How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas".

Here are the major takeaways from participants:

  • Multi-tasking does not lead to productivity. 

  • Don't be afraid to put the phone down and chili.

  • Boredom is more productive than multitasking.

  • Multi-tasking is physiologically damaging to your body.

  • It's impossible for the brain to fully multi-task; time is wasted while doing "mindless" things (e.g. watching TikTok videos); if you're constantly checking your phone, you're distracted from being creative

TED Circles Takeaways: Past Events

Workplace Authenticity | August 19, 2021

This month, we watched Jodi-Ann Burey's TED Talk: The myth of bringing your full authentic self to work

Here are the major takeaways from participants:

•    Coming to work as your “full self” isn’t an option for black women and other marginalized groups. 
•    White people need to put in more labor when it comes to ensuring that marginalized groups feel seen and protected at work.
•    It’s important to think about what it means to be authentic at work.
•    Often our [black] bodies are wanted in the room but not our voices.
•    Prioritize your mental and physical health above any and everything work-related.
•    Those in leadership need to accept responsibility for shifting workplace culture and promoting inclusion.
•    My biggest takeaway is that it is not my responsibility to create a positive and authentic work environment for myself.
•    Being authentic also means caring for yourself.

TED Circles Takeaways: Past Events

Agree to Disagree | July 15, 2021

This month, we watched Julia Dhar's TED Talk: How to Disagree Productively and Find Common Ground

Here are the major takeaways from participants:

  • We're so scared to get into an argument that we don't engage at all.

  • Debate to find common ground, not to "win". The goal is not to try to make other people agree with your perspective, it's to learn from one another.

  • Before engaging in conversation or negotiations, ask people what they are looking to get out of the conversation/debate.

  • Avoid using “never” or “always” during arguments.

  • If we don’t know how to agree to disagree with people, we won’t be good at co-existing with others.

  • Debate ideas, not identity.

  • Try to detach yourself from your ideas. We need to be open to the possibility that we can be wrong about something.

  • "Your opinion is not your identity".

  • Leave your feelings out of an argument/negotiation. Make it a focus to hear out your opponent and even if you both still don't agree. It's okay to agree to disagree.

  • Debate respectfully. Don’t make it personal.

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The Power of Introverts | June 2021

This month, we watched Susan Cain's TED Talk: The Power of Introverts.

Here are the major takeaways from participants:

  • As an introvert, you don't have to put yourself in self-negating situations!

  • Introversion is a superpower, not a defect.

  • Consider introversion as part of your DE&I program (inclusion & belonging)

  • For introverts to fit in an extroverted world, they not only need to know how to follow the rules of the game but also need allies to put them in positions to succeed.

  • Find the sweet spot between individual and group work. Both are valuable.

TED Circles Takeaways: Past Events

Risk-taking | May 2021

This month, we watched Shekinah Elmore's TED Talk: The Courage to Live with Radical Uncertainty

Here are the 3 major takeaways from participants:

  • Community emboldens us to take more risks because we know we're supported.

  • Focus on identifying and honoring your purpose. When you know your purpose, it's easier to take risks because you're driven by your Why. 

  • It's okay to temporarily "sit with" suffering. Suffering is a part of living. No one escapes it. When it happens to you, ask yourself, "what's the worst that could happen in this situation", play out the scenario in your mind, create solutions, and take a positive approach to doing what you can to address the issue(s) and reclaim your happiness.

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