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Signature Coaching Program for Introverted Women Leaders

Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do. Many introverted women are extremely talented and ambitious; yet, they wrestle with fear of failure, shyness, self-doubt, and toxic conformity. 

INtroversion Immersion™ is my signature coaching program. I created it to help guide clients, like the women described above, celebrate their unique personality and use it to advance their career!

That's why coaching begins with taking and/or reviewing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality assessment. Coach Eboni is a Certified MBTI® Practitioner. As such, she is authorized to administer and interpret the assessment so you can learn more about yourself and others.

Although the MBTI® methodology is used to frame our understanding of personality types, we do not operate under the assumption that the assessment describes  the sum of who you are. 

To be clear, the MBTI® provides us with shared language and context to help us better understand your strengths and blind spots, the way you receive and direct energy, make decisions, process information, and interact with others. 

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Program Overview

The INtroversion Immersion™ program is a  1:1 coaching experience designed for aspiring and current (C-suite) women leaders who strongly desire to be understood, acknowledged, and respected for all the brilliance they bring to their workplace. 

In this program, being INtroverted and authentic are celebrated! No self-deception or self-deprivation allowed. Participants need to be dedicated to doing the work necessary to transform their understanding of self while influencing the way they are viewed and treated by others.

As your Executive Coach, I will provide you with the resources, tools, activities, and coaching support necessary to help you better understand your personality, successfully navigate personality-based biases, and maintain alignment between your personality type and your career goals. 


High-performing introverted women who can identify with some of the following:

  • current or aspiring mid-high level managers, C-suite executives, or entrepreneurs

  • experiencing a career crisis 

  • battling self-doubt/imposter syndrome

  • view their introversion as a weakness

  • feel misunderstood and marginalized

  • have a strong work ethic but feel stuck in a lackluster job or career

  • consistently do the most (work harder than everyone else) and receive the least  (compensation, development, acknowledgment, etc.)

  • ready to learn more about themselves and others so they can better position themselves to achieve their personal and professional goals​

Contact Coach Eboni today to learn more about how this 1:1 coaching program can transform your life!


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